The Gates of Zion:
The Access Point of communication to the Jewish People

The only people who ever believed in, prayed for, expected and longed for the Messiah were the Jewish people

Not the Chinese, the Irish, the Russians nor the Indians!

If Yeshua (Jesus) is not Israel’s Messiah, he is no one’s Messiah!

Why does the vast majority of Jewish people not believe Yeshua/ Jesus is the Messiah?

Did they come to this conclusion on their own?

Or as will be demonstrated here: massive misinformation, disinformation, deception, and misunderstanding has influenced the Jewish people for the past two thousand years to thoroughly miss the greatest event to have ever taken place in all of Jewish history!

I warn you, if you are fair and open-minded and desire truth at all costs you are in for a life changing experience! 


The Gates of Zion seeks to open the gates of the hearts and minds of Jewish people to the most significant event in Jewish history.

Our goal is to reach Jewish people throughout the world with the truth that our Messiah has already come.

We are speaking of Yeshua (known as Jesus in the English language), who although still unknown to the vast majority of Jewish people, is without a doubt our promised Messiah.

The evidence to support this fact is overwhelming!

We also seek to open the eyes of gentile believers in the Messiah. Our prayer and vision for them is so they see that the salvation of Israel is priority #1 concerning evangelism and the key to the return of Messiah.

Those who believe in Messiah are to cause Israel to become jealous of the precious inheritance they have received from God.

Romans 11:11 Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.

To contact  JB , his email is:   goz47@me.com

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