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Who Is JB Bernstein?

JB Bernstein is a Jewish man whose life was totally transformed when his eyes were miraculously opened to see that the Messiah of Israel, who is the image of the invisible God, was born supernaturally, died as an atonement for sin and rose from the dead!

JB discovered like tens of thousands of other young Jews during the late 60's and early 70's that the Messiah of Israel is none other than Jesus whose original Hebrew name was and is Yeshua. He has dedicated his life to bring this eternally significant truth to his own people.

"JB Bernstein is a God-called evangelist.
His desire is for all people to know Jesus, to the Jew first!"

Sid Roth, Host, It's Supernatural!"

JB Bernstein is a true soul winner -- not a professional evangelist but a servant of the Lord who has committed himself to seeing the lost saved (especially non-believing Jews) as well as to equipping the Body to win the lost. He understands the role of both Jew and Gentile in God's end-time plan, and through the decades I have known him, he has always gone for souls. I recommend JB to speak at your church or Messianic congregation and to inspire your people to make a difference in their world.

Dr. Michael L. Brown, Ask Dr. Brown/Line Of Fire Radio

I've known JB Bernstein for many years. In that time, I've known him to a be a true man of God, sincere, passionate for God's purposes, zealous for the Great Commission, full of compassion, heart, wisdom, and vision. His burden for the Jewish people echoes that of the Apostle Paul as shared in the Book of Romans.

I have the highest regard for JB, his gifts, and the calling God has given him for such a time as this.

Jonathan Cahn, Rabbi/Author of NY Times Bestseller, The Harbinger

I have known JB Bernstein for over 30 years. I know of no one who shares a deeper passion for our people, the Jewish people to come into a saving relationship to the Messiah Yeshua.

JB’s understanding of our people and how to communicate the Gospel with them is brilliant. He is a very perceptive evangelist. JB is highly recommended to the congregations in our network for equipping evangelism. JB is well educated, understands and is committed to the power of the Holy Spirit and seeks to see Jewish people who make a profession of faith connected for discipleship.

I expect that JB’s best years are still ahead of him as he equips others in this very important work.

Daniel Juster, Author

Greetings in Messiah Yeshua. I want to encourage you to invite JB Bernstein, president of “Gates of Zion”, to your congregation in order to equip your people to effectively reach out to the Jewish community. JB is a seasoned evangelist who understands how to effectively present the message of salvation to our Jewish people.

We all need to be equipped and to develop effective strategies to reach the Jewish communities whom we are called to serve with the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah. JB is certainly qualified in this area. JB has also helped to plant Messianic Congregations in Russia and Central Asia where he served as a Messianic Rabbi and Leader for almost a decade before moving back to the USA. JB is now traveling here in the USA and overseas equipping Messianic Jewish Congregations to reach our people. JB believes we are to boldly proclaim the truth in a way that is both relevant to your people and in sync with the times in which we live.

I wholeheartedly recommend JB and believe in his gifts and calling to serve the Messianic Movement.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

David Chernoff, Senior Rabbi Beth Yeshua Congregation



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